Mobile Equipment Operator

PURPOSE Mobile operators are given primary responsibility of performing all plant and quarry tasks that require the use of heavy mobile equipment. The associated equipment of the limestone quarry and the plant equipment are also considered equipment to be operated through mobile operators.
Understand and comply with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) policies to assume that environmental, health and safety are the first priority of the business.
Actively support key safety initiatives at the facility and assist the department as needed to improve EHS performance and results.
Coal and dust scraper operator
Blast hole driller operator / blasting explosives
Track dozer operator
Grader operator
Haul truck operator of a maximum of 90 ton size
Hydraulic crane operator
Front end loader 962G, 980, 988, IT28 operator
Front end production loader 992G & 992
Each operator becomes a member of one of the two teams and rotates to another team on a frequent basis. The teams are limestone quarry and plant mobile equipment with a salaried supervisor coordinating team activities. Tasks and equipment utilized are changed per requirements of plant needs; therefore, individuals must possess a variety of task skills.
Required Education: High school diploma or equivalentRequired work experince: 1-2 years experience in operating heavy mining equipment (off road haul trucks, front end loader,
dozer, scraper, drill)
Additional requirements:
Must pass all plant minimum required hiring qualifications
Work well in a team and a minimum supervised setting
Must be willing to work holidays, weekends various shifts and overtime as directed
Demonstrated ability for positive contributions when working within teams
Must be willing to accept change and strive for improvement
Must possess basic computer skills
Possess communication skills
Valid Driver's License
ADA Limitations
While performing the duties of this job the employee must be able to travel through a cement plant, i.e. walk over obstacles, climb stairs and ladders, lift heavy or awkward parts, wear personal protective equipment (hardhat, safety glasses, fall protection, respirators etc.). The employee will at times be exposed to extremely hot/cold, dusty, noisy, or dark situations. At times, work will be performed at great heights or in small confined spaces.

Don't Be Fooled

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